Phillips Family Memorial

J.Evander's Greetings & Beyond
Family Memorial
Sweet memories leave lasting impressions and make our worlds balanced and bright;
   Looking back, we see that the present is fine, and our futures should be quite alright:
Frank and Pearlie held the key, which made us all a part of the Phillips family tree.
   A tree that was planted in virtue and love Bore branches of resilience, 
Truly Blessed from the Father above.
   From Frank we got the determination and drive to be all we could be, 
While  seasoned with Pearlie’s wisdom and insight to excel magnificently.

From the first born Arbrie, we learned what being fruitful was all about;
   And from Lorezo we saw that temperance had its own strength,With a soft-spoken clout:

As we journey down the vine a bit, we see the excellence of  Mae Francis,
   Whose speech was tempered with brilliance so wonderfully. 
Alone with  her wonderful mate, Jimmy, who was the life of the party, 
   and made each one us feel so special with glee.

Futher on we come upon the endearing branch of the first born son, 
   Embodying  all the attributes of Frank and Pearlie, and contributing so much more, 
Even  from beyond:

Not too far from him we see the tidiness and elegant spirit of Dorothy, So noble and so free; 
   That Her Sunday baked chicken is still desired and craved, 
Which was seasoned so Vivaciously!

Journeying along the vine we find the indomitable spirit of Earlene 
   who showed us that if one will never give up, 
success would come no matter what the age was, as long as one was willing to try.

And who can forget the kindness and good heart of Alma, 
   who bought joy and laughter to all who was around her, 
along with her spouse Rueben , who fixed our bikes and toys 
   so we could continue to enjoy the day.

I recall times on weekends, and maybe a few days throughout the week;
  The game of Checkers was being played by the CHAMPIONS, 
Grandpa and Uncle Arthur, a couple of players that no one could defeat.

   And Finally we come upon the outshoots of the branches 
who added their own Beauty to the Vine:
   We appreciated their flare and brilliance that made us who we are;
We say we miss you all so dear, and that you are still in our hearts and minds.
   From  Zelma who added grace and style to any occasion, 
to  Charlotte, our song bird whose melodies still ring  beauty in our ears, 
   While our gift of Love Gayle, motivates us still to this day.
To Ralph whose free spirit and ingenious ways,
   can still be felt in a very special way;
Of the good times we mention Julius and Trudy; 
   Who felt it their right and honor to make us laugh, As their own assigned Duty.
And of the ARTistic eye of Howard who captured precious memories for all to behold.

And to add more flavor to this line of stand-up and flare; 
   We fondly remember Gregg whose zest and timing was impeccable and always there:

And lastly on the somber note of duty and responsibility, 
   we mention the faithfulness of John, 
who tapped from sunrise to sunset, Building a House of Endurance and Love.

                                                     Love and miss you all...Van

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"Doss the Boss"
Pausing in time, thinking of the ways you enlighten all of us, I write 
   Now out of sadness that you are no longer here in the physical.
Out of great joy because you are in a marvelous place which I have no 
   Words that come close to the splendor to describe.

Let us begin now, From as far back as I can recall, I can hear your song,
   Of order and comeliness, always a cheery smile, dainty and full of zest;
The chorus Gives us great comfort and assurance that you are with Him, 
   and Enjoying an Eternal Blessed rest.

Some would say that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,”
   and who would counter them in this claim, 
As we kids would enter the kitchen and you so promptly asked. “Are your hands clean?”
   So lovingly and without shame.
Your words of comfort and encouragement still reside deep within me,
   Spoken at just the right time in space, to find their target and key.

As a wise man so aptly wrote so long ago, 
“A word fitly spoken and in due season is   like  
apples of gold in settings of silver” 

On a lighter note indeed is recalling how on most weekends, perhaps Sundays,
   You appeased our cravings with delight with your specialty seasoned baked chicken!
Such a pleasure was this that few could disagree,
   That your tender, loving care for us all, made it taste so deliciously.

Adding another high light when I was around you, was the joyful tease of the name?
   Of how you dared us to speak it, and once done you would gleefully proclaim,
“Ok, I got your Doss” and this would set out hearts ablaze!  
   Til this day it brings laughter and joy still to our hearts and minds…
As you were and forever are  “Doss the Boss”, very  unique and  One of a Kind.

Your gracious ways and Poise set a standard in all of our hearts,
   Love of Family is First and Foremost, 
A good place to live, never  to depart.

No Song has quite the effect of one that is heard and needed 
   at the right moment in time,  
Giving and supplying Life and meaning through 
   Melodic cords of Divine     measures,
A song that is heard and adored by 
   Generations of Family and friends...
this is what comes to mind & heart, 
   when I think of Wendell Leon Phillips, 
or more affectionately known as Uncle Wendell!

His first verse was presented in perfect sequence 
   in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen hundred and Thirty Three,
As Time and Eternity determined the right space in time for him to exist and be... 
   A combination of Raw strength with poise
made up his essential character and foundational core,
   such an accompaniment of style, wit and refinement,
that to those who really mattered...your life teachings and wisdom
   enabled them to reach for their dreams and soar!

​Like a stitch in time I borrow some words from one of the
 most prolific writers from times past... weave these sentiments OF LOVE AND HONOR

."Great men, unknown to their generation, have their fame among the great who have preceded them, and all true worldly fame subsides from their high estimate beyond the stars." Henry David Thoreau 

Truly your impact and example set a high standard
   for some to achieve, your wise counsel and acts of true Love and devotion...will be remembered for generations!

Your gracious manner knew no bounds…always a kind word to encourage,
   Instruct, and guide a soul along their journey in life…
Your thoughts, and attributes were among the best,
   And your taste for class and Distinction,
Were seen by all, in the (adornment) of your wife, 
   Mari Ann... such a vivacious elegant creature of beauty, that a few words are not enough to express the true beauty and poise that she possessed!  
   From the  Intonations in her  Voice, one could tell that grace and style 
imbued from her character and that they were in the presence of someone wonderful…
   And in her final days, You gave so of yourself that time and eternity marvel at your very existence! As you cared so wonderfully for your beloved...demonstrating tender love, care  and devotion beyond the call of duty as you provided and attended to her needs and wants...
and speaking of true love and dedication… as she was making her transition from this earthly life  to her heavenly abode…no longer able to communicate physically with her…
You chose to write to her, tender love letters to express your undying love and devotion…
Such a powerful testament of true Love and devotion that the gods stand in awe…with envy to view such a bond as this!!! I salute you!

Truly a love story that rivals and outshines Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet...
   Wise counsel, Love and devotion, seen at its best!
For in any true lasting bond of meaning to thrive and exist, 
   there must be the anchor and order of the word (SHIP),...
Friendship, relationship, partnership, to mention a few,
   all have their priorities and functions grounded by the word ship...

In order for a ship to function at it's best capacity,
  Order and Honor must be practiced at all times, 
to ensure the safety of all aboard...
   Thus, the Song of Wendell is like a ship at sea,
weathering the storms and waves that come into every life, 
   and arriving peacefully at it's destination and port in tact.

The crew among this ship, range from descendants and siblings, 
   and a host of family and friends.
all having fared better from your leadership and example of true love, 

Like shadowed images that imprint their reflections
    on still waters of a lake,
Your presence is felt and realized in such a profound way…

Well done my dear uncle, 
  as I bid you farewell and can only imagine 
The joy that you feel, as you and your beloved...
are back together again...

    With Love: Your nephew. Judson Evander Lyons

Gayle, “Our Gift of Love”
When I think of the words to express the Essence, of your true self;
   In my mind's eye, I see birds in flight with vigor, 
soaring on the flawless wings of
<<Imagination and Wonder:>>>
In the midst of the clouds, free from all the cares of this world and strife;
   Your presence among us will be missed; 
You were our Beloved Gift,
   A Sweet Fragrance in this Life: 

The pure love that you have for the family and friends, 
                   is second to none;
   Like a cheerleader's uplifting exhortations, to pick you up 
and encourage, the ultimate win;                         
   Can be reaped as the Seeds of the Martyrs, 
that sacrifice, to the dear end: 

What was it that inspired such a Profound love of family, and it's kind?;
   Can only be the Guidance of the Father's Hand, a rare Gift, Divine:
From your earliest existence, you expressed joy and love, 
   with the elegance of your smile;
Which gives us great comfort and peace, 
as you part from us physically, for a while...

The gift that was given us to go forward, 
   giving us hope and also impelled;
Came to us in the year of our Lord, 1949, 
   In the loving person we know, as Gayle:

Her treasure is a LIVING MONUMENT of where her heart  
   in the enduring structure of the FAMILY;
Giving herself unconditionally to all, pursuing her life's task, 
  And giving unto us THE MAJESTICAL KEY: 

Reminiscent of many conversations we talked in depth about, 
   of subjects and phenomenon and the AWE-INSPIRING WONDER OF IT ALL;         
One could not help but be inspired and uplifted, 
   while in your presence, or from your exhilarated telephone calls!                       
Always an excited fortitude of information and knowledge, and so willing to share;
   You cherished and held each family member close in your heart, 
and demonstrated to us all, that you indeed did care:   

As the Dawn of Day invites the challenges, 
   and the mystique  of uncertainty’s about to unfold;                                   
You equipped us with VITAL KNOWLEDGE, 
   to be proud of our heritage, keep lifted heads, and STAND BOLD:                              
You intrigued us with wisdom and INSIGHTS of our ancestors, 
It so captivated our interests, and beliefs, and was the epitome of fun:

In predominance of thought, as I reflect times past;
   Feelings of bliss abound in my being, as I enjoy Precious memories that last:
Of the words and phrases that would be Emmys or nominees, for the World's Cup;
   The most lavished and cherished of them all, was your famous greeting,
“HEY TURKEY, WHAT'S UP?”:        

Shut out and misunderstood  by the world, that focuses on trivialities;
   They were the real losers for not having known you, {TRUEST REALITY}:
Your time with us, although brief in years only bears witness to your 
Life's task, and mission;                             
Very thankful to God, you fulfilled your DIVINE COMMISSION>

You placed upon us, and en grafted the LEGACY OF FAMILY in our hearts;
   The responsibility of LOVE AND CARE,  to which we all have our parts:
Do not let your hearts be over burdened, or sad in departure, 
   it was God's intention only for a season to lend;                             

Our precious Gift of Love, 
   remember, she'll be LISTENING, 
and we shall Hear, in THE WIND:

GAYLE>>> = Go Ahead, Yield Love Eternal >>

Your cousin and dear friend:  Poet:  J.Evander Lyons


Resounding strength sends it branches of Resolve and Fascination
   Into a stem of Fruitful Possibilities.
From a root, that bears strength and productivity 
   Beyond Imagination’s corridors

In him, the first born son from a line of fourteen,
   Gifts of endless Wonder and Gratitude were bestowed, 
and partly foreseen;
   “Excellence” in a multi-faceted array 
Denotes his existence and was very key;
    In describing his essence of being, 
and gives validity To why we called him, "Buddy":

From early on his stride was set to run amongst 
   The kings of the land, 
Whether in work, education, family and friends
   One could with out a doubt depend on Buddy
To lend a helping hand.

His constitution was renown, educating children, counseling many
    and hosting civil activities, to name a few,
And setting a standard of excellent for those who
    Would one day consider and eventually ensue.

Possessing the skills and talent to make 
   fame and fortune his life time goals;
He chose the high road instead, to help others advance in life
   And to stand forever bold.
I would have loved to hear him, and that is truly a fact,
   Making melodies of great wonders, from his mean ole sax!

And from his youngest branch, I learned a Fascinating thing,
   Of how he would have note cards of Inspiration
 On hand to get him throughout the day,
   Making sure he had the stamina 
and grace to keep doubt and worry at bay.

 Of choosing a mate his excellence showed 
   no lack and was just right,
When he entered into matrimony 
    With a dream of appeal; thus making Elegant Lorraine his wife.
 And from this union, strength of character is still seen today,
   In the fine sons that came forth, 
Both Brilliant and Unique in their own special way.

Recalling in the last of your days, you took us (family)
   To commune and enjoy the presence of your brother Wendell
As the Sun was setting on your day,
   Such a fruitful experience we all had 
In every memorial way.

Thank you for your Song, As you enligthen all of our lives so Richly,
Sharing with us the resolve and Importance of THE FAMILY

Your nephew…Van

My Uncle Frank Jr. "Buddy"
"The Seven stanzas  of   Buddy"
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