The current list includes:

1. Customized greetings for all occasions***
2. Personalized poetry, depending on                          event, occasion, or desire***

3 Professional and unique photo show                        presentations made with industries's state 
   of the art software

4. Company slogans in verse or prose

5. Memorial website creation and hosting with on-      line editing  available for family and friends to        add comments, pictures, voice recordings and        more.

6. Graphic replacement and creations                           using Adobe Photoshop!

7. Graduations, Birthdays, Special Events, and            Anniversaries with prints and photo cd.

8.  Wedding vows written for both parties,  
     invitations and programs.

9.  Photo Shoots of special events
10. Poetry to be converted to Song Lyrics

11.  Web site Creation and Hosting!

12.  Technical Writing for a Product, Service, or       Softwares'  Instrution/Performance...etc.


I believe in collaborating with my clients to give them several options to include in their project. I offer a variety of services depending on my clients needs. 

For my photo presentations, I offer a real-time link to view my desktop along with me, as we place certain photos and features to their specifications. 
Note: (Requires internet access, high speed connection preferred, but dial up ok too.)  

This is a partial list of the types of services I am offering up to now, but there is the possibility that I will add more options to the list, depending on demand.
I do not have a set price list for items and services because each project is unique and customized  to the client's wants and desires.
J.Evander's Greetings & Beyond
Poem entitled "Expressions"
First Verse
Second Verse

1.     Whether it be a birthday, holiday, or any special occasion, I can provide the right Poetic (Word) Greeting with  graphics… NOTE: (WHETHER  PERSONAL PORTRAIT, OR THEMED ART)  for the “Occasion”…Minimum of  25 prints…Standard fee applies, Greetings put in  “Special frames”  are charged individually, with discounts for over 5 or more!!!  

2.       Personalized poetry is one of my Specialties…All that is needed from a client are a few basic descriptions of the person they want to Impress with a “Customized Poem”…And the poem is Crafted with accuracy in Mind…My success rate for this style has been back to my military service years, at   the height of my career in Naval Intelligence!!!  Pricing is figured on an individual basics, for each project is unique and designed for the occasion 
"Beyond Imagination"