J.Evander's Greetings & Beyond
"Beyond Imagination"
Coming Soon: "Framed  Works" of Art for Sale!
•8 X 10 Picture Frame-$59.00
•11 X 14 Picture Frame-$126.00
•16 X 20 Picture Frame-$189.00
•8 X 10 Picture Frame-$89.00
•11 X 14 Picture Frame-$156.00
•16 X 20 Picture Frame-$265.00
•8 X 10 Picture Frame-$77.00
•11 X 14 Picture Frame-$189.00
•16 X 20 Picture Frame-$236.00
Veteran Memorials to the Family and Friends of Active Duty and all Military
Words to Memorial not easily seen on site, but highly visible in framed works

"They say that war is a necessity
 to keep the balance of power complete,
Yet from the Courtroom of my Conscience,
I ponder the soundness of such a declaration 
That by the sacrifices of some…
I reap the benefits to be free…
Yet still I am grateful for the courage and honor
That some have shown in the darkness of battle
By giving their all…
Therefore I offer them The Salute of Respect with Gratitude…
Especially the ones that in conflict did fall…"

•8 X 10 Picture Frame-$89.00
•11 X 14 Picture Frame-$177.00
•16 X 20 Picture Frame-$247.00
The Capacity of Dreams
The Soul of My Day
Latina Delight

"Dawn of Your Love"