The Fulfillment of the Moment’s Dream
Inauguration: 2009

Time, being a very precarious thing, 
beckons us all to seize the Moment.
To grab hold of the Moment at Hand that was etched
From Father Time’s Impeccable agenda

For this Moment from Eternity,
Would not have the same appeal…Before Hand…
Nor at any other Sundry time.

“For such a Time as this,” 
When all around appears so crystal and serene,
Befitting the occasion at Hand, 
Is the fulfillment of the Moment’s Dream.

Time, the Moment comes and goes, 
But not without the lasting impact of its presence.
For this Moment was predestined for change,
Like refreshing showers in drought and famine 
In order that life be replenished and maintained.

The fulfillment of the Moment’s Dream 
Is akin to a pebble that is thrown into 
The pond of Desire and Imagination, 
“Spreading its appeal of change 
without compromise to all who would hear, 
the timely message of Reconstruction 
and Recommitment, ever so clear.”

“Building upon what the founding fathers 
Penned and established in their original decree,
The pursuit of happiness, justice for all, 
and the Sanctity of Liberty.”
For America to be the leader in industry 
and creative design,
Not to sell out to foreign shores, who offer
A price cut, but not without compromise! 
And who could comfort them now in the state
Of our turbulent economy and unbalanced fray,
When those words of pride and strength are not 
often heard these days, Made in the U.S.A.”
The fulfillment of the Moment’s Dream.

Someone once stated at some point in time and space,
That when the student is ready, the teacher will appear,
So it can be said of a nation, ready for change and growth,
Providence says, the stage is set, and the time is now and here.
In these days of social unrest, 
Coupled with the onslaught of terror at our own back door;
A Positive voice of change appears on the horizon, 
Proclaiming “Yes we can”…and a whole lot more:
To bring America to prominence and statue
once again onto the world wide scene;
These notions and trues are set in motion this day,
From the fulfillment of the Moment’s dream.

A Moment so Pivotal and key that hints of its Being
Were foreseen by an Insightful few,
Howbeit the dawning for the oath of office
was preceded by, the Consummate Dreamer’s Day,… 
(Martin Luther King Jr.)
Quite the occasion to ensue...
And as you fit into your new position as
America’s Commander and Chief; 
With quite an itinerary of immaculate PLANS
AND VISIONS for relief.
I pray the protection of the 91St Psalm imbues you
with valor and honor,
                                                                            © 2009 Poet: J. Evander Lyons

Completed on the 7th day, (Completion)  
after the Inauguration

Audio of The Fulfillment of the Moment's Dream
By: Poet: J.Evander Lyons

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