About Me
Since I was very young I always loved “Words,” I loved hearing the sound of very complex words especially, and would often enquire of their meaning.

I attended college where my artistic abilities were expanded. This eventually led me into a career in the Intelligence field, (Cryptology) in the U.S. Navy, where my ability to write verse was birthed and nurtured.  From the rigorous training in this field requiring the utmost in intellectual acumen with little to “No margin of Error"; due to its sensitive nature...I along with a few others  acquired the clocked (not semester) accredited hours equivalent to a Doctorate Degree(Specialized  Technology field)…My skills of writing verse and prose were brought to a heighten sense of  awareness; and it is with these same skills of enhanced sensory perception that I passionately write--- discovering the Secret meaning of what others would like to express and have written for them…etc.   Being able to put words in a uniquely beautiful style to derive 
 < Dimensions of Thought > demonstrates the power and mystique of our human language.  
Because of the freedom of freelancing, my creative life today is much more interesting since the diversity of the work is so great!

About Me

J.Evander's Greetings & Beyond
"Beyond Imagination"
Emblem for Cryptology & Naval  Commands
How to Be a Cryptologist:   It truly takes a beautiful mind to understand the level of complexity involved in cryptology. With various vehicles for communication throughout the world, a person who deals with deciphering various signals and codes is very valuable. Most of these people find careers in government, but they may also work in the private sector. Here's how to become a cryptologist.

... Traditionally, this area of expertise requires a math, science or computer major in college. Signals Analysis and cryptography require math and science majors. Cryptanalysis, however, are hired by the NSA from majors that range from Music to Chemistry

Use knowledge ethically. The very nature of this type of work lends itself to unethical behavior. Decide limits from the onset and make sure that all actions are in line with any legal guidelines set forth.

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